Desert Care Landscape Contractors

From Vincent Rector, VP:

The Desert Care team has spent countless hours of homework, research, and experience, along with your dedicated board of directors, to determine a smart course of action in bringing your largest collective asset – front yard landscapes – into this century. We are confident these efforts will bring to all a pleasing and long-term costs-saving Xeriscape that will compete with any in the valley performed at a similar level of investment (investment per sq. ft.). 

After working with your association for 13 of the past 15 years, I am excited to see you move towards a “smart” landscape that will evolve into a desert delight. Your aged landscapes and irrigation system are ready for this upgrade. We will appreciate everyone embracing and welcoming our team in working hard, safely and diligently to achieve that goal and earn your appreciation and praise for a job well done.

A consulting fee of at least $10K would have applied if we were not long-term partners with Sunridge. Our relationship has evolved through mutual trust. Other contractors with no relationship in this situation would be hard-pressed to invest as much time, effort, and resources over the long period of time that has proven fruitful, without requiring design & consulting fees.

 Our current fee structure means an average monthly fee of $3350. I see no opportunities at this time to reduce the fee due to different maintenance needs being generated by a Xeriscape. Examples:

  • Raking after people and animals walk through the rock
  • Pruning, although there won’t be much for a few years
  • Removal of debris from rocks vs. blowing shrub and tree debris into turf and vacuuming it with a mower
  • Weed Control: Pre-emergent applications to all new granite areas