New Pool Codes

Kaile, our property manager, and Sean and Joan, board members, spent a hot morning on the deck handing out codes for our new entry system into the pool. Your key will no longer work. If you weren’t able to get a code today, then contact Kaile at the Metro office.

Landscape Architect Presentation of Phase 1, sub-phase A

At the May 29th meeting, Martin Umberger presented his $25,000 plan to install ornamental landscape and a few hard-scape items south and east of the pool. This includes shade trees, shrubs, and 1/3 grass surrounded by 6” concrete curbing as well as all irrigation required to water the drought tolerant plants. Decomposed granite is the selected ground cover. The hard-scape items included are a short retaining wall of stacked brick south of the pool with a shrub bed (matching the existing wall west of the pool) and the destruction and rebuilding of the bridge walls to bring it up to Mesa code. Some of the attending guests requested the sidewalk that connects 1930 to 1850 be included in phase A rather than phase B. (submitted by Brooke Foust)

The board will now be reviewing bids for the project and fine-tuning the plan to fit our $25,000 budget.