HOA Board response to Homeowners questions about the proposed CC&R revisions

Hello Fellow Homeowners,

First let me apologize for the lack of timeliness for the delivery of this note.  I know we promised to deliver you a response by Sept 15th, but we have had a member leave the board and it has caused a chain of events that were unforeseen.

We have compiled a list issues from the revised CC&R documents that seem to be on everyone’s mind and I’d like to cover them now.

1)  Voting requirements to pass items changed from 67% to 51%.
Our perspective:  our reasoning behind this is simple, we want to be able to get things accomplished for the community.  It is very difficult to get 67% of our homeowners to vote.  There are 25 homeowners (of 96 units total) that have offsite addresses alone so that creates an added challenge to get a majority vote for anything.  However the homeowners feel that this should not be changed, so we will remove this section from the proposed CC&Rs.

2) Authority to borrow money.
Our perspective:  This is a complex issue, we think it is important that the community should have the ability to borrow money for major projects if certain conditions are met, what those conditions are we haven’t fleshed out but suffice to say the Homeowners would have the final say via a vote.  Another issue is the timeliness of improvements and repairs to our community, the streets are in desperate need of repair, they should of been replaced in 2014.  The boards options to fund this are:

  • A) special assessment of between 1500 and 2000 dollars per unit based on previous bids for this work.
  • B) taking out a loan to do the repairs
  • C) waiting until the reserve fund has enough capital in it to do the work (based on rough numbers, 4-5 years conservatively
  • D) raise the dues to shorten this time frame, this option currently has little support within the board.

We will adjust the proposed document to reflect that the homeowners will have to approve any loan with a 67% approval (See #1)

3) Communication from the board to the homeowners.
Our perspective:  We will seek to improve our communication with the homeowners through our website, the quarterly newsletters, postings on the community boards, and email mailings to the community.  In the near future we will be making a effort to compile an email list to expand our ability to directly communicate with the homeowners. The board feels we are making information known as soon as practical, but if the homeowners need more communication we will endeavor to provide this.

4) Term limits
Our perspective:  While in theory term limits seems like a great idea and we support the idea, the practical limits of such a small pool of potential board members who are interested and able makes this an impractical proposal.  The community would like to implement term limits but it may have unintended consequences of not having enough people able to commit time and resources to being on the board.  We would like to discuss this more with the homeowners before making any changes to the existing rules.  This would not be in the CC&Rs but in the bylaws document.

We are open to hearing other perspectives on these items. If you feel that we are not hearing you, please let us know, we are here to serve the community.  Please remember, we are seeking to make a document that benefits all the members of the community and we realize that we, like you, are homeowners and want to keep our little community thriving and growing.

This discussion needs to be open ended at this point so we can all be heard and we can create a community document we all can be proud of, so lets move forward from here.  I want to thank Joan Robinson and her committee for getting us this far, but now the community has to take that great work and bring it to fruition.

Your HOA Board,
Sean Roe
Brooke Foust
Adam Jones
Mike Varns